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Our purpose-led mission is based on great employee experience that drives business growth and personal development at scale.

our story

It’s all about the employees that matters

In 2018, the idea of Grove was brought to life by our founders at KMS Technology - a global leading technology company.

After 10 years of success, we understand that finding the best talents, building great teams and keeping them engaged are crucial for us to sustain and grow the business. This requires not only a change in operation and strategy - from ‘owning talents’ to ‘attracting and accessing talents’ - but also requires a shift in the toolset.

Unable to find an HR solution that fits the needs, we built one for the world - Grove HR Solution.

Our mission

Grove provides an innovative and intuitive cloud-based HR platform that aims to help businesses in emerging markets to build, manage, and scale their employees easier, eventually create stronger and more resilient growth momentum.


Leading product team in the HR industry

We take pride in working with some of Asia's leading minds in building digital products, whose mission is to produce world-class HR product.

HR Expertise

Best practices in Employee Experience

As one of the 100 Best Places to Work in both Vietnam and Atlanta for over the years, our HR insights are deeply embedded inside Grove HR


Build to scale with your future future growth

Grove's world-class technology foundation ensures the operational platform to be stable, frictionless and scalable as you grow.


Our foundation to deliver world-class HR product

grove Team

Get to know our team

Board and Advisors

Vu Lam

CEO, Founder, KMS Technology

Buu Nguyen

CTO, KMS Technology

Bao Lan

General Manager, Grove HR


Binh Nguyen

Product Manager

Phuc Nguyen

Marketing Manager

Lien Huynh

Technology Manager

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