Grove HR is supporting the community during the COVID-19 crisis with a special program. This document describes the Terms & Conditions applicable for such a program (herein called “Special Program”).

The Special Program allows access to the HR Foundations features of Grove HR (herein also referred to as the “Product”) as defined on our pricing page. 

Access to the Program

Access to the Special Program is free of charge and will be renewed every 30 days. 

Every 30 days, you will receive a few requests for feedback and/or case study requests. By fulfilling such requests or by actively staying engaged with the Product, access to the HR Foundations features of Grove HR will be renewed for another 30 days at no cost. 

Your feedback will be used to improve the Product and offer a better service - which will be made available to you at no extra cost.

Duration of the Special Program

This Program aims at supporting the community during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As such, we reserve the right to discontinue this program in the future. In such a case, you will receive a 1 (one) month notice in advance to the email you have used to enroll for the Program. 

Upon your request, one of our consultants will reach out to you in order to guide you on the next steps to continue using Grove HR. 

After 30 days of the notice, without such a request, we will consider that you do not wish to continue using Grove HR and we may delete your data.  

Availability, performance and additional services

While we do our best to maintain the highest availability and performance to all users, we cannot make any guarantees in terms of service availability or system performance for this Special Program. 

Additional services such as consultancy on HR implementation or HR operation can be requested at additional cost.

General terms

By enrolling in the Special Program, you agree with our general Terms of Use. For the sake of clarity, you agree to allow us to use your company logo, feedback or case study in any of the materials related to the Product - including internal and external materials such as our website.

We reserve the right to disable accounts that don’t comply with those terms without notice. 

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Terms & Conditions

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