Develop engaged, high-performing teams with delighted onboarding, instant collaboration, and meaningful recognition right in our Grove One mobile app.


Cultivate an employee-first culture that drives business impact


Onboard new hires

Get your new hires up to speed at a faster pace.

Design your own strategic onboarding process with embedded workflows, assigned checklists and get updates on task completion. Use Grove App to take advantage of native mobile capabilities that you and your new hires can access anywhere, anytime.

Create and assign checklists for admin tasks while setting newcomers up to success by getting them to describe goals and meet the team.


Connect company-wide

Build a connected company culture and help teams move together.

By giving a place to post and view company news and team updates internally without any confidentiality damages, Grove's cloud-based and mobile-based platforms enable transparency, fidelity, and engagement across the company.

Highlight news announcements right in each employee’s personal dashboard in both laptops and mobile devices.

View your team time-off and calendar and ensure important updates get the attention they deserve.

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Communicate as a team

Get things done by communicating with your team instantly.

Grove One fosters broad collaboration with the online directory and internal channel where employees can make a call or start a conversation directly with the needed person.

Name, email, phone number and more that guide you contact the right person in the fastest way.

Highlight announcements right in each employee’s personal dashboard in both desktop and mobile devices.


Get and receive feedback

Unlock insights that drive employee engagement.

Tap into what prompts employee behaviors by gathering feedback, ideas, and opinions at scale. In virtue of mobility, Grove App makes it easy to pinpoint problems and productivity drivers that the management teams can focus their efforts to strengthen employee engagement.

Proactively collect continuous and meaningful feedback in minutes from wherever you work.

Monitor company overall health in real-time using quick, transparent, customized survey questions.

Measure and analyze your NPS score across the organization at every touchpoint.


Recognize the brightest employee

Make impactful recognition to the right employee.

Get employee recognition in action with tangible rewards and perks. Public praise for employee hard work and send special rewards to boost your team productivity.

Features that make it possible

Celebrate wins and recognize employees for a job well-done in public company feed.

Provide the candidate a seamless experience by removing the role of paper get the candidate signature digitally.


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