From attracting candidates to hiring the right employee, Grove HR provides an end-to-end process that aims to exceed your recruitment goals.


Digitalize HR operations with ease


Manage your organization

Grab the information instantly across the organization.

A centralized database that makes managing information and employees a breeze. From standard categories like employee and company profiles to personal payment and working hours, you have full control and accessibility over the key data from anywhere.

All of your employee profiles are stored in one central place with the integrated self-service portal.

Name, email, phone number and more that guide you contact the right person in the fastest way.

View the entire company structure filtered by offices, departments, and roles in a crystal clear illustration of the reporting structure.

Contracts, employee handbook, compliances are kept and secured in a single database.

Contracts, employee handbooks, compliances are kept and secured in a single database.

Add additional employee information tailored to your own needs.


Monitor time easier

Keep track accurate time records in real-time.

HR teams can monitor leaves, holidays, PTO stress-free while employees can stay efficient by requesting time-off, inputting work hours even on-the-go with all the tools from Grove HR.

Manage timesheet and shift schedules in simple steps while employees can clock in, clock out to record their work hours.

Facilitate resources, communicate instantly with the team and overview candidate progression to expedite the hiring process in one place.

Customized on your company policy, PTO is calculated automatically that ensure accurate data and reduce manual work.

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Take good care of your employees work-life.

No more wasting hours in calculating salary as our platform works seamlessly with any third-party payroll vendors. No more confusion and complication as our platform takes care of providing, tracking, and managing benefits company-wide.

Grove HR enables integration with your favorite third-party payroll.

Keep your employees covered from healthcare to retirement packages, tailored to your needs.


Report without a hassle

Make intelligent business decisions with actionable data and perfectly clear insights.

Grove HR's reporting tools fuel data-driven decisions for management teams with the ability to generate, export and edit instant, detailed reports in just a few clicks. It is a simple yet effective way to maximize your workforce strategies.

A variety of reports can be run and viewed based on different roles such as headcount report, compensation summary, time-off by period and more...

To sign-off a talent, workflow helps prevent unnecessary delay by streamlining communication between candidates and approvers through the platform.


Control everything better

Focus on your business growth while we keep your data and system safe.

Manage your platform settings in one place including notifications, workflows, and integrations. Grant custom access level to keep your data from undesired access and mishandling.

Features that make it possible

Customize your notification settings and get alert when important updates come in.

Share the approval and data-entry workload with custom workflow from Grove HR. Also, set up integrations with your favorite third-party applications to work more efficiently.


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