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Take the hassle out of employee management with Grove HR

Say goodbye to scattered employee data and cumbersome paperwork!
Our centralized database simplifies storing, managing & accessing all employee info in one place.

Unify all HR processes

Start any HR process from one management system and connect them seamlessly - from employee onboarding to offboarding

Centralize all employee data

Have distributed teams but centralized employee data and HR policies. Our HR software makes it easy, convenient, safe, and secure for you!

Automated reminders

Make your employees feel valued by tracking work anniversaries, birthdays, contract renewals and more. Stay up-to-date with automatic reminders.

Streamlined HR operations made easy

Employee Records

Centralized employee information software: Save time & stay organized!

Organize and manage vital employee records effortlessly. Grove HR stores all your personnel files, contracts, job history, and more securely in one place. Stay on top of HR processes and ensure accurate data.


Org Chart

Visualize and navigate your company's structure with ease

Grove HR's Org Chart feature provides a clear representation of team hierarchies, roles, and reporting lines. Provide a better understanding of team structure and enhanced collaboration.

Our team has grown by 30% thanks to faster and easier recruitment process. We are able to send out the application link and have applicants instantly around the world.

Jomar Colao  |  Operations Manager, Therma

It used to take 1 day to process payroll. Now I can download attendance data from Grove HR and calculate payroll in 5 minutes.

Maslinda Abdul Talib  |  Chief Revenue Officer, Patriots

We are a small company and we were looking for a software that can streamline our HR processes. Grove HR does all of that and does it 10x better than any other software in this space.

Aayush Jain  |  Co-founder & CEO, Greendeck

Using Grove helps me automate my work, which is important if you want to scale and bring new employees and just operate better.

Tiffany Williams  |  Senior HR Manager, Kobiton

I feel lucky that I got my hands on this product. One of the best products for managing my team attendance, leaves and salaries.

Rashmi Joshi  |  Co-founder, Zappkode Solutions

Grove HR has altered how we manage our human resources. It is one of the best platforms for enhancing our organization's human resource operations.

Manisha M. |  Talent Acquisition Associate, Cynet Systems

The software which I can use on both my desktop as well as on my phone where I can access simultaneously to track all my data and help to focus on my working schedule. It helps to navigate easily.

Praveen K. |  Business Development Executive, Negup Solutions

The software's robust features facilitate communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page. From managing permissions to time-off requests, everything is efficiently managed in one place.

Supraket Meshram  |  Founder, Simple and Co.


Instantly access employee contact details

Access employee contact details and reporting lines instantly. Grove HR's Directory feature lets you find colleagues' information quickly, whether on the web or using our mobile app. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches.


HR Documentation

Upload, store and share policies and templates with a breeze

Simplify policy and template sharing. Grove HR's HR Documentation feature makes company templates and policies easily accessible with just a few clicks. Streamline document management effortlessly to ensure compliance.

Employee Self-service

Empower employees manage their info

Enable easy personal profile access and updates for employees. Our mobile app allows distributed teams to manage performance on-the-go, set goals, track progress, and provide updates in real-time.



Tailored to your company's needs

Easily create your own fields, lists and time-off policies, and take control of your data with access levels. Make Grove HR exclusively yours!

Frequently Asked Questions
How secure is Grove HR?

Grove HR prioritizes data security and implements industry-leading measures to protect your sensitive employee information. We provide secured software environment and network security; on-site security operation; data isolation and data operation; and full and continuous backups of data.

Can I import existing employee data into Grove HR?

Absolutely! Grove HR makes migrating employee data easier than ever. Forget about adding profiles one by one; all you'll need is your employee data and the template we've provided.

Can I restrict access to sensitive HR data and processes based on user roles?

You can define and assign different levels of access based on user roles, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive HR data and specific functionalities.

Can I customize the fields and categories in the Org Chart feature to match my organization's structure?

Our flexible settings enable you to tailor the org chart to reflect your unique organization structure, including customizing team hierarchies, positions, and reporting lines.

How can employees access their own records and update personal information?

Employee Self-Service feature allows employees to access their own records and update personal information. This empowers employees to keep their profiles up to date, ensuring accurate and current data within the system.

Transform your HR process with
Grove HR's Employee Management Software