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Allow your employees to access their data anytime and anywhere

The perfect app for employees to access their information without having to contact HR.

Stay productive

Save yourself a ton of time with our solution that will help you go through your HR tasks in minutes.

Stay up to date

Allow team news, updates, and celebrations to be posted to our centralized message stream

Consumer-grade interface

Enhance employee experiences with a fast, beautiful and convenient HR app they actually want to use.

Get the app, stay connected on the go 

Request Time off Easily

Submit time-off and inform day offs to your teammates just on your mobile phone

Time-off request: Submit your leave request, inform your teammates or approve the leave requests from your team in seconds.

Time-off calendar: See when colleagues are off so that you can plan accordingly without having to ask around.


Clock in / out

No fingerprints, using the app and clock in/out

Time tracking integration allows you to record your working hours by a simple tap or by scanning a QR code.

Our team has grown by 30% thanks to faster and easier recruitment process. We are able to send out the application link and have applicants instantly around the world.

Jomar Colao  |  Operations Manager, Therma

It used to take 1 day to process payroll. Now I can download attendance data from Grove HR and calculate payroll in 5 minutes.

Maslinda Abdul Talib  |  Chief Revenue Officer, Patriots

We are a small company and we were looking for a software that can streamline our HR processes. Grove HR does all of that and does it 10x better than any other software in this space.

Aayush Jain  |  Co-founder & CEO, Greendeck

Using Grove helps me automate my work, which is important if you want to scale and bring new employees and just operate better.

Tiffany Williams  |  Senior HR Manager, Kobiton

I feel lucky that I got my hands on this product. One of the best products for managing my team attendance, leaves and salaries.

Rashmi Joshi  |  Co-founder, Zappkode Solutions

Grove HR has altered how we manage our human resources. It is one of the best platforms for enhancing our organization's human resource operations.

Manisha M. |  Talent Acquisition Associate, Cynet Systems

The software which I can use on both my desktop as well as on my phone where I can access simultaneously to track all my data and help to focus on my working schedule. It helps to navigate easily.

Praveen K. |  Business Development Executive, Negup Solutions

The software's robust features facilitate communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page. From managing permissions to time-off requests, everything is efficiently managed in one place.

Supraket Meshram  |  Founder, Simple and Co.

Access to Company Directory

Streamline colleague's contacts just like your phone book

Simply search for a team member's contact details and make the phone call right away with the built-in company directory on the mobile app. And yes, it also works offline!


Up to Date with Company News

Internal communication becomes hassle-free

Stay up to date with the latest company information - from new member announcements to health/ safety related news.

Documents Management

A centralized location to share all of the company's public documents

Access HR data, the latest HR policies, documents and templates from one single place.


Browse Your Payslips Instantly

Easily navigate your payslips by months

Have a look at your latest payslip directly on your mobile phone or review previous ones easily.

Onboarding Quickly

Access your onboarding checklist from your mobile phone

Complete the administrative onboarding in minutes and focus on getting to know the company and team before you join.


Enable Performance

Add your reviews to your colleagues’ performance evaluation simply

Submit performance reviews on-the-go and also get constructive feedback from your peers in a timely manner.

Get Free Employee Mobile App for iOS and Android

Equip your employees with
our advanced employee mobile app toolset today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Grove HR's employee mobile app for free?

Yes, this interesting feature is free for companies with less than 50 employees.

Is the app compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, it does support iOS and Android users.

Can employees receive important company announcements and updates through the mobile app?

Certainly, the users will receive notifications on mobile or desktop whenever the news or announcements are released.

Does the mobile app allow employees to clock in and out, track their work hours, and manage their schedules?

Yeah, all features are offered by our advanced employee mobile app. Register now to enjoy these benefits.

Is the mobile app user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training for employees?

It is super easy just like you use social media channels. New users can use it with minimal or no training at all.

Are there any additional costs associated with implementing and maintaining the employee mobile app?

Not at all. Simply create an account, and you can enjoy its awesome benefits.