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Make data-driven decisions with
Grove HR’s analytics software

Leverage valuable key metrics and make informed decisions with the Grove HR Report module

Reports dashboard

Get instant access to the right HR reports for your needs in one place.

Data visualization

Monitor key HR metrics and trends with interactive charts and graphs.

Report sharing made easy

Export and share the latest HR data to stakeholders easily and quickly.

Transform your HR reporting and analytics

Employee Data Reports

Get a comprehensive overview of
your employee data

Understand your company diversity by ages, genders, birthday and tenure; identify gaps or imbalances, and plan your hiring and retention strategies accordingly.


Recruitment Pipelines

Track and optimize your recruitment process

Get the full picture of your recruitment workflow, from the number of jobs and candidates at each stage to the sources that bring you the best talent. Measure the effectiveness of your hiring process and optimize your hiring efficiency.

Our team has grown by 30% thanks to faster and easier recruitment process. We are able to send out the application link and have applicants instantly around the world.

Jomar Colao  |  Operations Manager, Therma

It used to take 1 day to process payroll. Now I can download attendance data from Grove HR and calculate payroll in 5 minutes.

Maslinda Abdul Talib  |  Chief Revenue Officer, Patriots

We are a small company and we were looking for a software that can streamline our HR processes. Grove HR does all of that and does it 10x better than any other software in this space.

Aayush Jain  |  Co-founder & CEO, Greendeck

Using Grove helps me automate my work, which is important if you want to scale and bring new employees and just operate better.

Tiffany Williams  |  Senior HR Manager, Kobiton

I feel lucky that I got my hands on this product. One of the best products for managing my team attendance, leaves and salaries.

Rashmi Joshi  |  Co-founder, Zappkode Solutions

Grove HR has altered how we manage our human resources. It is one of the best platforms for enhancing our organization's human resource operations.

Manisha M. |  Talent Acquisition Associate, Cynet Systems

The software which I can use on both my desktop as well as on my phone where I can access simultaneously to track all my data and help to focus on my working schedule. It helps to navigate easily.

Praveen K. |  Business Development Executive, Negup Solutions

The software's robust features facilitate communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page. From managing permissions to time-off requests, everything is efficiently managed in one place.

Supraket Meshram  |  Founder, Simple and Co.

Employee Turnover Rate

Save costs and resources by retaining your best employees

Get an overview of the overall employee turnover rate, as well as the breakdown by department, job title, employment type, and more. Monitor your employee turnover rate, identify the reasons and costs of turnover.


Time Off Balance

An overview of your employees’ time off requests balances

Manage and monitor our employees' remaining time off entitlements, including annual leave, sick leave, maternity, and more.

Monthly Timekeeping

Simplify payroll calculation with accurate timekeeping data

Generate comprehensive monthly timekeeping reports, including records of paid/unpaid days off and total working days in the month. Stay on top of payroll calculations without any manual input or paperwork.

Get the most out of your HR employee data with Grove HR’s Analytics Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grove HR Analytics?

Grove HR Analytics is a module that helps you track, analyze and optimize your HR data with customizable dashboards. You can access various reports on employee data, timekeeping, time off, turnover rate, and recruitment.

Does Grove HR Analytics module free?

Yes, the module is included in our Free plan, together with other Core HR, recruitment, time off, etc. features.

What are the key metrics and indicators that Grove HR Report provides?

Grove HR Report provides you with key metrics and indicators such as headcount, diversity, turnover rate, time off balance, recruitment pipeline, and more.

How can I share my reports?

You can share your reports by exporting them as PDF or CSV files and sending them to your stakeholders via email or other channels.