From attracting candidates to hiring the right employee, Grove HR provides an end-to-end process that aims to exceed your recruitment goals.


Win more talents with the best candidate experience


Attract more candidates

Get your job openings in front of thousands of candidates in minutes.

Grove HR allows you to design, create and publish a branded career page that puts your business stand out. Also, integrations with well-known online job sites in the world enable you to post your job vacancies automatically including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Publish your branded career page in minutes with built-in searching, sorting positions, and social sharing features

One-click post to numerous job online portals when you submit a job vacancy.

Keep a database of past and current candidate profiles interested in working for your organization


Screen candidate profiles faster

Find the best candidates automatically based on defined criteria.

As applications come in, accelerate your process by collaborating closely with the hiring team and evaluating applicants who match the job requirements.

Facilitate resources, communicate instantly with the team and overview candidate progression to expedite the hiring process in one place.

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Interview made easier

Build the best candidate interview experience.

Take the stress out of scheduling interviews as Grove HR allows you to book the most convenient time for the interviewer and follow up on invitation with the interviewee.

Make interviews more transparent and convenient for both recruiters and candidates by a real-time view of open slots on the calendar.


Make offer faster

Convert more candidates to successful employees.

Stand out as an employer and increase the chance of recruiting talents with pre-designed offer templates and seamless approval workflows.

Stay consistent and compliant by applying pre-built offer templates, configurable form and version control.

To sign-off a talent, workflow helps prevent unnecessary delay by streamlining communication between candidates and approvers through the platform.


Hire the right employee

Achieve hiring success with a modern workforce.

Gain better visualization of your recruitment status in each hiring stage to guarantee your success with prompt reactions to any underperformed operations.

Features that make it possible

Drag and drop candidates into the right stage in a Kanban board view to visualize and oversee the performance at each hiring stage.

Provide the candidate a seamless experience by removing the role of paper get the candidate signature digitally.


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