grove for RECRUITERS

Hire the right talent in less time

With Grove HR, recruiters can now automatically receive candidates, easily organize their hiring pipeline and speed up their offering processes.

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Make your company visible to talents easily

Grove HR allows you to publish a branded career page - with no coding required. Also, integration with well-known online job boards enables you to receive and store candidates information - automatically! 


Work better together, in less time

Without ever leaving Grove HR, add hiring notes to let everyone know what's up, what's next and what's left to do. Take a look at the history of activities that have been made before you so you’re never surprised by new changes.


Achieve hiring success and hit your targets

From overviewing your hiring pipeline to tracking performance, Grove HR makes the entire process a whole lot easier. Plus, when a candidate is successfully hired, their information is synced with their employee records - no data entry required!

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