grove for everyone

An inclusive HR software for everyone

Run your HR operation like never before as everyone is benefited from Grove HR's all-in-one platform, from Business owners, Recruiters, HR teams to every Employees.

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Save cost and take control of your business operations

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a larger company, Grove HR streamlines your HR, gives you the data you need to make decisions and proactively manage your recruitment, onboarding and more.


Automate core HR processes and focus on people

Integrate hiring sources, onboard newcomers and manage employee records - no need to struggle with spreadsheets ever again. All in Grove HR.


Hire the right talent in less time

With Grove HR, recruiters can now automatically receive candidates, easily organize their hiring pipeline and speed up their offering processes.


Empower your employees to work better

Let employees access the information they need, stay productive and connect to the right person  anytime, anywhere.

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